The Danish National Center for Ethics is recognized in an international NBC media for visionary leadership

Published 11-05-2023
Chef for Etik og Videnskab med teksten "When leadership is compassion, curiosity

Director Christa Lundgaard Kjøller: "I am extremely proud to work alongside Helle Harder, one of our unit managers at The Danish National Center for Ethics. Helle has been selected by Global Group Media to be featured on NBC's website as one of a total of 23 inspiring female leadership figures from around the world, with strong opinions and visions for leadership."

Helle's statements are an extension of the center's leadership vision

Helle is one of the most visionary leaders I have worked with and I am pleased to see Helle being recognized on the international stage for precisely this. Helle embodies a leader who achieves her goals through compassion, as a foundation for creating psychological safety and social capital. We, as humans - and in our leadership roles - must dare to fail, learn, and be receptive to new paths and ideas to promote collaboration and innovation.

The kind words are not just empty toasts and pats on the back

At The Danish National Center for Ethics, we work every day to create an organization where there is trust and respect for each other, where it is safe to speak one's mind, and where one actively participates in creating innovation through interdisciplinary collaboration.

With a strategic focus on compassion as the foundation of our leadership, we strive to create sustainable and innovative solutions, ensure increased well-being, and be able to attract and retain skilled and committed employees.

It's a pleasure to see the results of our ambitions and visions now being showcased to an international audience – and it's a great joy to see Helle in the company of other global beacons of leadership.

See for yourself on NBC's website.