Fees for Particularly Complex Trials

The NVK (National Ethical Committee) charges a fee for the notification and processing of projects concerning particularly complex areas.

A fee must always be paid for projects processed by the NVK (National Ethical Committee). The intergovernmental agreement that exempts public hospitals from paying fees to regional ethical committees does not cover the fee for notification to the NVK.

Payment of the fee is a condition for the processing and any subsequent approval of the project.

When you receive a confirmation email for the project's receipt from the secretariat of the NVK, it will include a billing information form. This form must be completed and returned to the secretariat. You will then receive an electronic invoice.

Fee Rates for 2022:

  • New protocols: 5,404.00 DKK
  • Supplementary protocols: 2,027.00 DKK

Note that, currently, there are no fees required for health data science research projects.

Read more about fees in the legal basis: Executive Order no. 1159 of December 8, 2011.

Last updated 01-02-2024