Health Science Projects Without Medicinal Products

For an overview of the document requirements for reporting health science projects without medicinal products, please visit the relevant section:

Checklists and Documents for the Reporting Other Health Science Research Projects

How to Report Electronically via "Anmeldelsesdatabasen"

Your application should be electronically submitted to the appropriate committee. Follow the instructions below for this process.

You must apply electronically by completing a form on the committee system's electronic application database:

In the database, you will find guidelines on how to fill out the electronic form.

When you have completed and submitted the electronic form, remember to print it.

Both the report form and project material must be sent to the competent scientific ethics committee using secure mail and a digital signature. The material must be sent in separate files as a PDF or ZIP file. 

You will find an overview of which documents you must submit here:

Which documents must I submit to NVK and RVK?

You will find instructions for completing the project material here:

Checklists for reporting other health science trials

Find contact information at About the Danish Research Ethics Committee System

Please note that the scientific ethics committee system consists of the regional scientific ethics committees and the NVK), and the RVK. See here which committee you must apply for approval from. 

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