Reporting Other Types of Trials to NVK

In addition to health data science projects and projects with extensive mapping of the individual's genome, in which exemption from the consent requirement is sought, projects involving psychosurgery and research on a deceased person as part of the removal of their organs must also be notified to the NVK.

Research on a deceased person as part of the removal of their organs

Health science research projects on the deceased are regulated by section 8 of the Committee Act (Act no. 1338 of September 1, 2020 on the Act on the ethical treatment of health science research projects with later amendments, including section 2 of Act no. 1732 of December 27, 2018 (transplant-related research on the brain dead)

Read more in Guidelines for Research on Deceased Persons

For specific requirements for designing protocols for research on the deceased, please refer to the Research Checklist – Checklists and Documents for the Reporting Other Health Science Research Projects .

Section 8 of the Committee Act is considered to exhaustively regulate research on tissue or other biological material removed from the deceased. For tissue removed from living subjects and patients, see Guidance on Genomics and Research in Sensitive Bioinformatics Data.


If you need to report a project involving psychosurgery, please contact NVK.



Last updated 01-02-2024

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