Members of Medical Research Ethics Committee 1

Andreas RudkjĂžbing

Andreas Rudkjøbing

Candidate of Medicine, Ph.D., senior consultant

Steno Diabetes Center Zealand

Appointed by the Minister of the Interior and Health

Maj Mortensen

Maj Mortensen

Acting Chairman of the Dyslexia Association in Denmark

Appointed by the Danish Disability Organizations


Bodil Steen Rasmussen, Ph.D., Chief Physician, Clinical Professor

Anesthesia and Intensive Care Department, Aalborg University Hospital

Appointed by the North Denmark Region


Henriette Schlesinger Kærgaard


Member of the Regional Council in the Southern Denmark Region (V)

Appointed by the Southern Denmark Region

Mikkel Wrang

Lawyer and member of the Conservative People's Party (C)

Appointed by the Capital Region of Denmark


Morten Lorenzen

Director of the Brain Injury Association

Appointed by Danish Patients

Peter Bjørn Licht

Chief Physician, Thoracic Surgery, Professor, Ph.D. - Thoracic Surgeon (OUH and SDU)

The Heart-Lung-Vascular Surgery Department, Odense University Hospital

Christina Rostrup Kruuse

MD, PhD, DMSc, Specialist in Neurology, Professor at the University of Copenhagen

Department of Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries, The Neuro Centre, Rigshospitalet

Appointed by The Danish Independent Research Fund, The Research Council for Health and Disease

Last updated 01-02-2024