Background and Purpose

NVK is an independent authority under the Ministry of Health and Elderly Affairs. NVK is established pursuant to Act No. 593 of June 14, 2011, on the ethical treatment of health science research projects.

NVK's Tasks

  • Acts as an appellate body for decisions made by the regional ethical committees,
  • Initially handles notifications of health science research projects that concern particularly complex areas. See here which areas are considered particularly complex,
  • Decides on cases brought by a qualified minority in the regional ethical committee,
  • Comments on principle issues not tied to the approval of a specific research project,
  • Coordinates the work in the regional ethical committees,
  • Establishes guiding guidelines,
  • Ensures quality development, quality assurance, and learning in the committee system, and
  • Follows the research development in the health sector and works for the understanding of the ethical issues that the development may entail in relation to the health service and health science research environments.

NVK's Composition

NVK consists of 13 members.

The members are appointed as follows:

  1. The Minister of Health appoints the chairman,
  2. Two members are appointed by the Minister of Health upon a joint recommendation from the boards of the Strategic Research Council and the Independent Research Fund,
  3. Five members are appointed by the Minister of Health in consultation with the Minister of Education and Research after an open call,
  4. Five members are appointed by the Minister of Health upon a recommendation from the individual regions.

See NVK's members.

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